Grade 11

Grade 11 is currently the lowest grade in the school. Like in the other higher grades, there are two arms of that grade (Grade 11A and Grade 11B). You may view an enlarged version of each photo by clicking on it. Once you get an enlarged version, you can further use the left and right arrows at the bottom left corner of the image to navigate through the rest of the photos on the page.


Below is a listing of the subjects that are offers for students (learners) in that grade. Every grade 11 must take a total of 9 subjects out of which 5 are core, 1 is a core ethnic language (Oshidonga), 1 is the English language (also core) and 2 are non-core subjects.

The 5 core (compulsory) subjects are:

  • Mathematics
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • History
  • Geography

The language subjects (core) are:

  • The English Language
  • The Oshidonga (ethnic) Language

Non-core subjects in combination are:

  • Accounting and Computer Practice
  • Accounting and Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting and German Foreign Language
  • Accounting and Word Processing
  • Accounting and Art
  • Accounting and Home Economics
  • Accounting and Technical Drawing
  • Entrepreneurship and Home Economics
  • Entrepreneurship and Technical Drawing
  • Entrepreneurship and Computer Practice